Some of our Vendors

Something Unique


The Garden Lady- Texas

Home canned jams, jellies, pickles and salsas.

Sug Wuga Brands, LLC

Home-made spices for fish, chicken and beef.

The Knotty Sisters

Hand-made domino jewelry.

Ruby Ribbon Intimates

A clothing line with many different options for women of all sizes

Peace Love and Alpaca

Alpaca yarn, handwoven shawls, scarfs and table linens.

Local Baker

Homemade breads and sweets. Including organic sourdough bread and starter.


Burners, melts and gift packages. 

Paparazzi Jewlery

Beautiful Jewelry for $5 or Under! 

A local Artist

Beautiful Custom art pieces- All made by hand- No Prints!

Mosiacs and belts

Handmade beautiful mosaics and leather belts

Come Support Our Local Artisans and Entrepreneurs!